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About Us

Functional Materials Inc. is devoted to developing and marketing specialty color effects and materials for use in the manufacturing of consumer products.  Functional Materials Inc. is associated with FM Group Inc., which is responsible for manufacturing.

Since 1985 Functional Materials’ proprietary colorant technology has been used to help develop brand identity for the major consumer credit card industry, including the Gold and Platinum programs for Visa, Mastercard / Europay, American Express, Citibank and other major national and international card issuers.  Colors based on Lustre pigments are a major focal point for the company.

In 1991 Functional Materials developed a line of colorants that add “visual texture” to products.  Tradenamed SPRINCOL, these products are used to create stone color effects for consumer products.  The “visual texture” effect, which is useful for products that have a tactile component subject to soiling, has gained widespread acceptance among many consumer products.  The development of the SPRINCOL product line moved the company into the plastic compounding and extruding business and greatly expanded Functional Materials’ technical capabilities.  Functional Materials manufactures custom compounds with functional and decorative properties.

In the mid 90’s, Functional Materials developed a line of screen printing inks: SLINK Solventbased Inks, RINK Radiation Curable Inks, and WINK Waterbased Inks.  These inks are specifically designed for printing on plastic substrates with special functional properties.

Further developments in the field of waterbased adhesives and lamination technology has helped establish the company as a technical leader in materials for credit card manufacturing.