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Inks & Coatings

Press-Ready Inks

Need press-ready inks? FM offers Rink radiation-curable, Slink solvent-based and Wink-water-based inks for almost every screen-printing need.

Functional Materials focuses on developing and marketing specialty color effects and materials for use in merchandising consumer products, and a main vehicle for these colorant technologies are three lines of screen-printing inks.

RINK – Radiation-Curable Inks
UV coatings or RINK inks can be applied to the substrate by a variety of means: printing, spraying etc. FM specializes in materials for the graphic arts in particular for printing on plastic substrates such as PVC, Styrenes, Polyesters, Polycarbonates, etc. These coatings give superior protection to the printed surface without negatively affecting the physical properties of the substrate.

SLINK – Solvent-Based Inks
Press ready ink, with no viscosity adjustment using thinners, has long been considered a desirable goal by printers. FM Group Inc. has developed a line of solvent-based inks (SLINK inks) with good shelf stability and excellent runnability that allows printing straight out of the can.

WINK – Water-Based Inks
The increasingly stringent regulations regarding emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) to the atmosphere, combined with the insurance industry pressure to reduce workplace exposure to flammable and hazardous solvents, has created a need for a water-based screen printing ink (WINK inks) with good printability.


FM Group manufactures a full line of coatings, including radiation-curable ultraviolet clear screen coatings and clear overprint varnishes for lithographic or roll-coating methods. These coatings exhibit fast and sure adhesion to offset and screen inks that have been properly cured.

The Wink 800 series features water-based laminating adhesives designed for Gravure, Roll, and Screen Printing.