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SOLID & LIQUID Laminates

Laminates consist of layers of multiple materials assembled into a sandwich. The outer layer is often called the laminating film or overlay. These layers are used to enhance functional or aesthetic properties or to protect the layers that have been encapsulated. Laminates can be assembled from films of solid materials: solid laminates or from liquid materials: liquid laminates. The liquid laminates are subsequently cured into solids.

The graphic arts industry typically laminates solid transparent laminate over printed graphics in order to provide protection to the graphics from the environment as well as to add aesthetic appeal such as a high gloss, matte or other special effect finishes. In the case of plastics cards such credit cards the surface of the card must be very smooth in order to accept personalization by the Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer (D2T2) Printers. Other special surfaces may be required for the card to accept inkjet or retransfer printing.