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RolLAM Laminates

Solid laminates consisting of a transparent overlay film with an adhesive layer are well known in the marketplace. Typically these films either have pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) or heat seal adhesive as the adhesive layer. The PSA films, in general, have good adhesion to porous substrates but lack performance on solid polymeric substrates. They also are not permanent and can’t accept personalization by D2T2 printers. Many heat seal laminates consist of PET and use Polyethylene as the heat seal material. These overlays have good adhesion to porous materials such as paper or Teslin synthetic paper but have poor adhesion to solid polymeric materials such as PVC

The overlays are laminated to the substrate graphics by pressing the materials between hot rollers.

RollLam solid laminate are a line of heat seal films suitable for use on solid polymeric substrate materials. These films are suitable for applications such as gift cards, posters, etc. They are personalizable on D2T2 printers.

Like the solid overlay laminates a liquid laminate is applied wet onto the substrate. It is then cured, but may not have all the physical properties desired. For example the gloss may not be high enough for the intended application. The substrate with the cured liquid laminate may be passed between hot glossy rollers thereby planishing the coating and improving the gloss.