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UV coatings or inks can be applied to the substrate by a variety of means: printing, spraying etc. Functional Materials Inc. specializes in materials for the graphic arts in particular for printing on plastic substrates such as PVC, Styrenics, Polyesters, Polycarbonate etc. These coatings give superior protection to the printed surface without negatively affecting the physical properties of the substrate. Special grades are available for the various application methods (Screen, Gravure, Flexo or Lithography).

Lamination of a plastic film to UV ink that has been printed on plastic substrates is difficult. The problem is getting good adhesion of the laminate to the highly crosslinked UV ink. Credit cards and point of purchase displays are typical applications encountering these problems. FM’s Flash Lamination technology is useful in overcoming these problems.

At your request, customised functional formulas can be quickly developed for your application.