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UV Lithographic Coating

RINK™ UV3507


RINK™ UV3507 is a UV curable, clear overprint varnish designed for lithographic or roll coating application on polymer substrates. This product cures rapidly to a very smooth, high gloss coating. The coating gloss will be significantly improved by press polishing with a high gloss calender roll or platen. Alternatively a matte version 4V3507M is available.

The coating exhibits fast sure and good adhesion to offset and screen inks that have been properly cured. The coating is useful as a primer for better ink acceptance. Hot stamping shows good adhesion of the foil print to the coating.


Viscosity (77°F) 350 cps
Cure Speed 150 ft/min per each 300W/in uv lamp
Volatiles Nil
Coverage Approx. 8,000 ft2/gal
Density 1.07 (9.0 lbs/gal)
Odor Mild
Appearance Hazy, nonyellow liquid


Use with adequate ventilation. Chemical gloves and safety goggles must be worn when handling this product. Wash thoroughly after handling.

The product has excellent stability when stored away from heat and protected from UV light exposure. The material is combustible and should not be used near open flame. Store below 90°F. Best when used within three months of purchase. Storage longer than six months not recommended. Use n-propyl acetate, n-propyl alcohol, or denatured ethyl alcohol as clean-up solvents.


A coating thickness in the range of 0.2 mil will provide best results. Use a roll coater or for screen printing use a 300-400 mesh screen. Gloss and scuff usually improve, while flexibility and scratch resistance decrease as coating thickness increases. The product is recommended for use plastic credit cards and postcards. Compatibility of ink, coating and stock should be determined prior to production runs.