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WINK Waterbased Inks


The increasingly stringent regulations regarding the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) to the atmosphere combined with the insurance industry’s pressure to reduce workplace exposure to flammable and hazardous solvents has created a need for well-printing waterbased screen inks.

WINK Waterbased inks (also referred to as water base or water-based inks) have the following characteristics:

  • Low VOC
  • Low Heavy Metals
  • Short laminating cycles when printed
  • Superior adhesion under lamination
  • Full bleed ink colors without coated lamination overlay
  • Consistent Metallic ink colors without gasing
  • Fast drying ink without clogging silk screens or anilox rolls
  • Excellent ink print ability
  • Good ink shelf-life
  • Availability of gloss or matte ink colors

Of special interest for manufacturers of laminated PVC or overcoated substrates is the superior adhesion obtained to printed substrate, PVC overlay, and UV topcoat. For laminated cards this allows the use of uncoated PVC overlay even when the ink contains high loadings of pigments  such as with metallic effects. This superior adhesion can also result in shorter laminating cycles for improved plant efficiency.

A complete range of WINK Waterbased ink colors including metallic, pearlescents, as well as custom color matches are available.

WINK waterbased inks are available in a range of rheologies and viscosities for Flexographic, Gravure and Silkscreen printing presses.


WINK|ECO is Functional Materials’ family of environmentally friendly waterbased inks and coatings. The WINK|ECO 8500 series of inks and coatings are free of NMP (n-methyl pyrollidone) and APE (alkyl phenol ethoxylates)...

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