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Colorants for plastics

Effect Colorants

In 1991, FM developed a line of colorants that added “visual texture” to consumer products, enabling perceived depth of color in two-dimensional objects. Prior to that time, the vast majority of colorants were flat mass-tone colors, good for solid color presentation, but lacking depth of field.

Sprincol was the first of these visual texture effect colorants developed and marketed by FM, and it was used to mimic natural-looking stone and earthware effects, including marble and granite, and polished gem effects, such as opalescence. The development of the Sprincol line moved FM into the plastic compounding and extruding business, where it greatly expanding its research and development capabilties.

In time this research led to new products, including the full line of special effect colorants featured here.

Bright, lusterous glitter effects.

Lustre Colors
For metallic, pearlescent and opalescent effects.

Minigran Concentrates
Mini-granule color concentrates for improved partitioning and dispersion.

Natural texture colorants in a wide range of effects, including stone, metallics, pearlescents, opalescents, and flourescents.

For elegant “points of “light” and starlike effects.

For granite and marble stone effects.